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Niantic Labs CEO, John Hanke, confirmed that a future update Pokemon Go allow players transform their PokeStops in Pokemon centers. Players will be able to visit and to add Customization options to pokestop / Pokemon Centers Go. How Pokemon Go players will customize pokestops is still unknown, Hanke suggested that it objects obtained in the game that would allow players to add functions to pokestops.


Pokémon Centres to be a place for players to heal their Pokemon and perform certain actions yet to be announced . Regarding these actions still to be announced players have already begun to speculate on what they might be

First Yet To be Announced Pokemon Action Center can :.

Pokemon Go Pokemon trading in centers

Many players hope for this function Pokemon Go Center.

Go Pokemon trading, yup the players think that Pokemon Go trading could be limited to local Pokestop turned into Pokemon Centers Go. There is no confirmation of this and is just pure speculation.

Second may still be announced Action Pokemon Center:

Pokemon Go Kennel Pokémon centers

Niantic said they are not currently working on reproduction ..

However, in the future, Pokemon centers GB would be ideal for a Pokemon Go breeding centers.

for now, the players will have to wait until next Niantic making their announcement about Pokemon . centers Go in the next major update players should be looking forward to Pokemon trading GB - Pokemon training - Pokemon Go Pokestop Centres & Customization -. More Pokemon

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