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Niantic founder John Hanke announced at San Diego Comic-Con Pokemon GO second generation is coming in the near future, we took this opportunity to showcase Pokémon players can expect in the second generation Pokemon GO.

We've even included a list of the strongest Pokemon second generation. This is based on when these Pokémon games were first introduced in

These are the Pokémon Generation II Series (# 152 - # 251) ..
These are the Pokémon Gold, Silver and Crystal.

Pokemon Go Generation 2 players can expect 100 new Pokemon and 86 New Moves .

New Pokemon game Mechanic known as baby Pokemon, which are hatched egg VIA Pokemon Breeding .

New heritage Pokemon Evolutions

Pokemon Go Generation 2

Pokemon Go Gen 2 Strongest Pokemon

This is a fast Pokemon Gen 2 GB List of the best Pokemon from the second generation. Legendary Pokemon will be left out of this list Pokemon go gen 2 because they will not be available as the gen 1 legendary Pokemon.



Typhlosion like a wolverine with a flaming mane bristling around his neck. Contrary to what is other developments, it has an appearance over badger-like. It is mostly yellow with turquoise back. Typhlosion is the final evolution of the fire starter Pokemon of the second generation.



It looks like a green Brachiosaurus dinosaur with a pink flower and white around his neck. It has two long yellow antennae on top of his head. The flower has the ability to calm people and can release toxic pollen, and unlike previous forms, it lacks the sheet over his head and thus its means of attack has changed to draw sheets and cutting to using solar attacks fired yellow antennas on his forehead. The final evolution Grass Starter Pokemon Gen 2.



Feraligatr is a large bipedal crocodilian Pokémon that is primarily blue with accents of red and yellow. A notable feature of Feraligatr is its large powerful jaws that are able to bite and lock down opponents. Three pointed teeth are visible when Feraligatr closes its mouth, two of the lower jaw and the upper part. Pokemon GB Second Generation Water Starter Pokemon Evolution final.



with Stream sand, Tyranitar can summon a sandstorm that lasts for a while, which makes it more durable against special attacks, and damaging any Pokémon that are not not immune. The Nidoking equal to the second generation Pokemon Go Pokemon.



Scizor is a mantle similar to human scale its evolutionary predecessor Scyther with a thick metal exoskeleton and red crab-like claws. It is harder and stronger than Scyther, but lost the speed of its predecessor. One of the most anticipated of the Pokemon Go to My Second Generation.



Slowking has an appearance similar to Slowbro close, but a shell on its head, scoring his kingship. It also has a red and white scarf around his neck. He said because of the Shielder attach to Slowbro head raised his IQ from 00. Also known as one of the brightest Pokemon Pokemon Gen 2 GO.



Umbreon is a quadruped mammal Pokémon that resembles a black cat, black rabbit, fox or black. Umbreon mainly elegant black fur with yellow luminescent rings encircling his ears and tail, and yellow circles circular patterns on his forehead and on each of her thighs. The rings shine under the influence of the moon. One of the newest dark Pokemon that will be introduced in Pokemon GB version of the second generation.



Espeon is a mammalian quadruped Pokémon with a feline appearance. Stylish and lilac / lavender purple fur covering its body. He red jewel encrusted on his forehead; this jewel shines whenever Espeon uses her psychic abilities. His face is distinctly like a cat with a short, blunt snout and a small triangular nose. Another Eevee evolution introduced in Pokemon Go Generation 2.



Skarmory like an ostrich wearing a steel armor, with long sharp-clawed legs and a head resembling a helmet in steel covering its beak. Because of the rarity of this Monday, it will be diffcult to catch, but it will be well worth it. A serious candidate for one of the best Pokemon Pokemon Generation 2 GB.

Pokemon GB second generation list Pokemon

You can view the complete list of Pokemon Gen 2 below. These are the Pokemon that appear in Pokemon Go Generation 2 when it is released.

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