Pokemon Go Potion

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Pokemon Go Potion is a point drive use to cure their health pokemon damage. When you use a potion, it will restore a pokemon HP (health points). thier are 4 different Pokemon Go Potions and each will heal a specific amount of HP.

Pokemon Go Potion

What can I unlock Pokemon Go Potion levels?

At level 5, you'll unlock 10-20 Pokemon Go Potions Every single level.

Unlocked Potion

Potion Pokemon Go

standard Potion
Unlocked at level 5

Super Potion Pokemon Go

super Potion
Unlocked at level 10

Hyper Potion Pokemon Go

Hyper Potion
Unlocked at level 15

Max Potion Pokemon Go

Max Potion
Unlocked at level 25

How Many HP ( health points) Does each Potion cure?

Potion Type
Potion description

Potion Pokemon Go
Level 5

Restores 20 HP

Super Potion Pokemon Go
Level 10

super potion
Restores 50 HP

Hyper Potion Pokemon Go
Level 15

Hyper Potion
Restores 0 HP

Max Potion Pokemon Go
level 25

Max Potion
Restores Completely Max HP

How do I get Pokemon Go Potions?

collection Potions In Pokemon Go

Potion Pokemon Go

collection Potions By Pokestops
Activation Pokestops reward players with random elements. These will include Potions, Revive, eggs and Pokeballs
Players can win :. Standard Potion Super Potion Hyper Potion and Potions Max by Pokestops

Free Potion [
You will also gain free Pokemon Go leveling Potions from the top of In your trainer Pokemon Go!

Niantic Labs CEO, John Hanke, confirmed that a future update of Pokemon Go will allow players to transform their PokeStops in Pokemon centers.

Pokémon Centers will have a place for players to heal their Pokemon and realize some actions yet to be announced

You can learn more by visiting :. Pokemon Centers Go

general strategies for Pokemon healing In Pokemon Go

  1. Revive = Potion: Some players will voluntarily leave there Pokemon die " Faint " and use a " Revive " to heal. Revive will revive your Pokémon with half of its maximum HP restored. This trick Pokemon Go is particularly useful if you're short on some Pokemon Go Potion, but have a lot of Revives in your bag.
  2. Ran Out of Revive: If you ran on Revives using the tip above, you're in luck, there is another way to revive Pokemon . If you " Power Up " your Pokemon, he will win the small amount of HP from power. This, in turn, will revive the Pokémon so you will not lose another relive.

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Pokemon Go Types

Twister Pokemon GO

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All Pokemons MovesAll Quick charge MovesAll Moves


TypeCharge Move
Damage w / STAB 31
Damage per second 9.26
Damage per second w / STAB 11.57

against strong & weak against

strong against low Against
Pokémon who also learn Twister movement
ID # Image Name Type 1 Type 2
# 016 Pidgey

# 016




Pidgey flying-type normal-type
# 017 Pidgeotto

# 017




Pidgeotto flying-type normal-type
# 021 Spearow

# 021




Spearow flying-type normal-type
# 022 Fearow

# 022




Fearow flying-type normal-type
# 130 Gyarados

# 130




Gyarados flying-type water-type
# 147 Dratini

# 147



Dratini dragon-type

Pokemon Fire Moves GO

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All Pokemons MovesAll fast charge MovesAll Moves
Name like load Atk CD EPS DPS
Blast energy1 fire-type fire-type energy1 100 4.10 0 24.39
Heat Wave energy1 fire-type fire-type energy1 80 3.80 0 21.05
Flamethrower energy2 fire-type fire-type energy2 55 2.0 0 18.97
Flame Burst energy4 fire-type fire-type energy4 30 2.10 0 14 29
fire Fist energy3 fire-type fire-type energy3 40 2.80 0 14.29
fire Fang fire-type fire-type 10 0.84 9.52 11.0
Ember fire-type fire-type 10 1.05 9.52 9.52
Wheel Flame energy4 fire-type fire-type energy4 40 4.60 0 8.70
load Flame energy5 fire-type fire-type energy5 25 3.10 0 8.06