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Pokemon Go Battery Saving Tips See our TOP 5 best tips for saving battery life play Pokemon GB. These range easy to do, like change a setting or brightness of the screen. while others will be a bit more difficult and will require you to invest some time and money.

Pokemon Go Battery

How to reduce battery consumption for Pokemon is a must, because this game heavy resources and will eat your battery life. So try to quickly see how to save battery power play pokemon go, before your phone dies on you reading this.

Pokemon GB Backup Battery BoARD 1 Close Background Apps

This is one of the most important tips to conserve battery playing pokemon go. Every little bit helps and having opened chrome background can drain your battery faster. The same goes for listening to music, I'mm does not mean you can do both. Do not the two go just help with you the battery life play Pokemon GB.

Battery_Saver_Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go Battery Saving TIP # 2 screen brightness of the Sun

An ideal way to do this is to manually select the amount of light which you have need.

during the day time it can be much more difficult if your brightness is very low.

However, at night with very low brightness screen is not a problem at all.

Dim Brightness Pokemon Go

you also have the option to let your phone decide your screen brightness, it is not recommended if you really want to save the battery life too pokemon go well in as possible.

research showed that the dimmest setting can make your phone lasts about three hours.

Pokemon Go Battery Saving TIP # 3 Disable Sounds

There are two types of sounds you will need to disable it is in play and the other is the sound of the phone.

Turning Off In-Game Music & Sound

  1. Turn Off The Music In -Game.
  2. Turn Off The Sounds In-Game Effects.

you will be fine with these two sounds is disabled as you keep adjusting your vibration on / ON.

Pokemon-Go-Battery-Saving-Settings (1)

Turn off your phone Sound

This is another easy and convenient way to save your battery while playing Pokemon GB.

mute-sound Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go Battery Saving TIP # 4 Disable WiFi and Bluetooth

If you not able to connect to the reliable WiFi -. turn off your phone WiFi / Bluetooth functions (unless they are currently in use)

constantly searching and trying to connect to Bluetooth or WiFi signals contribute significantly to your battery usage

Pokemon Go Battery Life Pokemon Go Battery Power

Pokemon Go Battery Saving TIP # 5 purchase a power bank

This is for serious players Pokemon Go who just can not stop playing. The tip best battery saving and require you to make an additional purchase.

At first, this may seem a bit extreme, however, for most, it is quite common and very useful for any person to have one of these devices.

Power Bank / battery

a food bank / battery is essentially a portable external battery that can be charged by a source such as a computer or power outlet. Once loaded food banks can be carried around and used to charge your mobile device on the road.

Buying a power bank is easy, these devices can be found almost any electronics store or even online on Amazon for as cheap as $ 20.

Pokemon Go Power Bank

Carrying around a power bank is not bad at all. Just slip it into your pocket or purse and plug your USB key that you would normally charge your phone with

Naming off some popular Pokemon Go food banks :.

Anker PowerCore + mini

Intocircuit 110mAh Power Bank

Jackery Bar charger external battery

[BanquePortablePower technology EC

EasyAcc Power Bank Classic


Tips that are currently not available in Pokemon Go


  1. Open the game menu (type poke the ball on the screen of the card).
  2. Select the Settings icon in the upper right corner.
  3. Enable Battey Saver

Pokemon-Go-Battery-Saving-Settings (2)

Just to put Battery Saver won 't do much. However, if you then hold your phone upside down (in your hand or pocket), darken the screen and display a small logo Pokemon GB. In this mode, you will not be able to see anything but the game will always follow you on the GPS, pedometer to count the eggs for hatching and vibrate if pokemon close pop up.

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