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Welcome to our level list Pokemon Go black type. We have included the location you where you can find Pokemon dark. We also put in place a dark Tier List Pokemon strongest black-type Pokemon and many other useful information.


Dark List Pokemon

There are a total of 0 Pokemon Go Pokemon Black
dark Pokemon Go List : Click the Pokemon names / links for more information: MAX CP Attack ~ ~ ~ Endurance Defense


All Pokemons MovesAll fast charge MovesAll Moves
Name like load Atk CD EPS DPS
Dark Pulse energy3 dark-type dark-type energy3 45 3.50 0 12.86
Bite dark-type dark-type 6 0.50 14.00 12.00
Feint dark-type dark-type 12 1.04 9.62 11.54
Night Slash energy4 dark-type dark-type energy4 30 2.70 0 11 11
Sucker punch dark-type dark-type 7 0.70 12.86 10.00

Pokemon dark

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