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Pokemon Go Lucky Egg items are players use to double the amount of XP gain for 30 minutes. Activating a Pokemon Go Lucky Egg will help players level faster. There are many players use strategies with Lucky Eggs in their power drive level.

Lucky Eggs

What levels Do I Unlock Free Pokemon Go Lucky Egg

level 9 you unlock your first chance Egg Free

you'll unlock more levels. 10 - 15 - 20 - 25 - 30 - 35-40

Level 9 XP 8000 x15 Poke Ball | x10 Potion | x5 Revive | Razz Berry x3 | Lucky Egg

Buy lucky egg in Pokemon Go

Lucky Egg Pokemon Go

You can buy Lucky Eggs from the store
1 = PokeCoins 80 ~ $ 0.80
8 = 500 PokeCoins $ 5 ~
= 25 ~ 1250 PokeCoins $ 12.50

How can I power level with Pokemon Go Lucky Eggs?

There are 2 ways to use popular players Pokemon Go Lucky Eggs power level.

1 # PokeStop Hot Spots

TLDR: Farming Pokemon with Lucky Egg + Lure Modules + Incense All active at the same time.

players will find a bunch of Pokestop ideally with modules Lure assets. While having a lucky egg active and incense as well.

This will cause a lot of Pokemon to start breeding, you keep busy catching Pokemon almost non-stop. Catch large amount of Pokemon when your egg is active will accumulate a large number of XP.

XP gains with Lucky assets Egg
Catch a Pokemon = 100XP ~ 0XP
visit a Pokestop = 50XP ~ 100XP
A Hatching Egg = 2KM - 0XP | 5K - 500 experience points | 10KM - 1000XP ~ 2KM - 400XP | 5K - 1000XP | 10KM - 00XP

Pokemon Go Lucky Eggs

Lure Modules Incense & Stack!

Pokemon Go Tier List Lure Module Pokemon Go Incense
Each will bring their own pokemon and work together.
pokemon attracted the stops have a different color below them, incense pokemon are encircled with the same pink clouds the trainer. This suggests that they both work together.

You must ensure that you have enough Pokeballs from the spawn pokemon amount will be much higher than normal.

spr 11

# 2 Mass Evolution

everyone can not afford to always have a Pokemon go Lucky Egg active while catching Pokemon in Pokemon go. You can make the most of the 30 minutes the lucky eggs give you earn double XP

STEP 1 :. Catch Many Pokemon, What I mean is to spend a little time to collect as many Pokemon as you can fit in your inventory

STEP 2 :. Prepare your pokemon list by transferring all the Pokemon you do not intend to keep or change. You must get rid of pokemon with low grades IV and other duplicates you do not plan to keep. You should have plenty of candy ready and be prepared to move much Pokemon remains

STEP 3 :. Turn your Pokemon Go Lucky Egg at this point, the timer is on and you have 30 minutes to Evolve all the Pokémon you have stored in your inventory

Thus, for example:. If you manage in 30 minutes to move 39 Pokemon, which normally would be as 39,000 XP. With Pokemon Go Lucky Egg On You The Double XP gain, so it would be 78,000 XP. This is the best way to make use of your limited Pokemon Go Lucky Eggs.

Pidgey Farming

Pokemon Go Pidgey

Pokémon Pidgey is surprisingly well worth catching if you plan to the "Mass Evolution". Pidgey is located almost anywhere in Pokemon and is one of the lowest cost candy for evolution. The other two would be Caterpie and Weedle .

Catch a Pidgey = 100 XP * with Lucky Egg 0 XP + 3 Pidgey Candies
evolution A Pidgey takes 12 Candies = 500 experience points * Lucky Egg = 1000XP

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