Pokemon Go Generation 2 Release


With Pokemon Smash Go get hit with mobile users, it is not surprising that we'll see an output update.It Pokemon Go second Generation is not a matter of if, but when. until then here are some of the pokemon you should have completed and ready with lots of candy before Pokemon Go Gen 2 Release.

Pokemon Go Generation 2 players can expect 100 new Pokemon and 86 New Moves.

New Pokemon game Mechanic knows that baby Pokemon, which are hatched egg VIA Pokemon breeding.

In the second generation of Pokémon, some existing pokemon have seen some new developments.

while others have separate lines of evolution, as Slowpoke evolving towards Slowking instead of Slowbro.

This Gen 2 Guide will help you determine which of these Pokémon you should prepare the new Pokemon go gen 2 release.

Pokemon Go Generation 2


Pokemon Go Eevee

in Pokemon Go Eevee is among the most popular Pokemon, and will have two other developments in the New Pokemon Go Second exit Generation

Espeon - psychic kind. | Umbreon - Dark Type

196Espeon 197Umbreon

Hard to say what the Easter Egg could be for these Eevee evolutions, some players speculate that Night and Day play a role in forcing an evolution.

If not and it remains faithful to the anime, then there are names available depending on the trainer who owned these Pokemon in the anime.

Sakura / Sayo has Espeon
Gary Oak has a Umbreon

It would cost 25 Candies as current developments.



Pokemon Go Onix

This is a pokemon go players can expect. Onix is ​​among the lowest and perhaps most useless Pokemon in Pokemon go. After Gen 2 is released that could change dramatically with Steelix.


Gen 2 Release Date Pokemon GO

Onix evolve directly into Steelix at a price of 50 candies. to save at least a high IV rating for Onix Pokemon Gen 2 GB.



Pokemon Go Slowpoke

Slowpoke is not the smartest pokemon, it is, however, one of the strong. With new developments in second generation Pokemon GO output, it could become much stronger.



It begins with Slowpoke then the ultimate Slowking with the cost 100 Candies.



Pokemon Go Horsea

Horsea is another Pokemon candy you want to store on since Seadra can progress to Kingdra in Pokemon GB second generation.



It starts with Horsea then Seadra Kingdra and finally the typical cost of 100 Candies.



Pokemon Go Chansey

another pokemon hard to find, but with changes that will most likely higher Stats HP. it's a Pokemon in Pokemon GB second generation, you want to get your hands on.



Chansey will evolve into Blissey, it will cost 50 candy and will be well worth it.



Pokemon Go Oddish

This is one of the branched Evolutions an inherited pokemon. Introduced in Gen 2, normally gloom will evolve into Vileplum. However, in Pokemon Gen 2 GB, you can choose to work in a Bellossom. Bellossom is a pure grass type, based on vileplum which is grass / poison.



It begins with Oddish Gloom and then finally Bellossom the more likely that the cost of 100 Candies.



Pokemon Go Zubat

easily one of the worst pokemon in the game to try to catch. No matter how difficult it can be, it will be worth it in the second Pokemon Go generation.



His Zubat Then Golbat and finally the price most likely Crobat 100 Candies.



Pokemon Go Scyther

Scyther will get a new and very cool looking evolution in Pokemon Go Pokemon Gen 2. it is a favorite among many pokemon players and will be happy to see in pokemon go.



evolve Scyther Scizor right to 50 prices candy.



Pokemon Go Porygon

Porygon is a pokemon difficult to catch as it is, however, if you manage to catch enough. you must register as candy for new and improved porygon 2.

Porygon 2


Porygon evolution should cost about 50 sweets claim the new version Porygon 2



Pokemon Go Poliwag

Poliwag is another pokemon branch evolution, there is no guarantee that the evolution of the industry will be stronger. You will need to complete your Pokédex so.



It starts with Poliwag then Poliwhirl and finally branches Politoed the possibility of 100 Candies.


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