Pokemon Go Gyms


Pokemon Go gyms are places players can visit and compete against other players on the opposing team, or train in gyms the same team. Players can earn bonuses and Stardust Pokecoins to have several Pokemon Go gyms in their order with their pokemon in it.

Pokemon Go Gyms

How Do Pokemon Gyms Go work?

Pokemon Go Gym Battling

When you find a Pokemon Gym Go under the control of a different team of yours, you can compete and take over thereafter.

Each time you win a battle against a gym of the enemy, it will reduce its prestige.

Pokemon Go Gyms

once prestigious sections of the zero gym you can take over the gym and claim it for your team (Instinct, Valor, Mystic ).

Pokemon Go Training Gym

When a gym is under the control of your team, you can train in the gym and the increase of "Prestige".

this is to use a Pokémon to fight the gym, instead of the standard 6 Pokémon used when fighting an enemy gym

Gym Training Strategy :. Place a low / low CP Pokémon in the gym and repeatedly Win / train in the gym and increase its prestige for additional Pokemon slots

Gyms in Pokemon Go

. raising a prestige gyms will allow you and other players on your team to place more Pokemon in it.

Claim A Pokemon Go Gym & Investment A Pokemon In It
After defeating gym enough times and reduced its prestige to "0". You can place your Pokémon and earn rewards.

Select the icon in the lower left corner of the gym screen will let you choose your pokemon you want to be placed at the gym.

Pokemon Go Gym Pokemon (1)

Important :. Your Pokemon should be completely cured before being placed in a Pokemon Go Gym

Pokemon Go Fitness Awards

place a Pokémon in your inventory in a gym to defend, then you will be rewarded 10 PokéCoins 500 Stardust every 21 hours or more, that can be claimed in the shop menu once every 21 hOuRS - provide your Pokémon has not been eliminated from this gym

you can store up to 10 Pokémon in gyms at any time and you recover once they are removed. They appear back in your inventory Pokémon with 1 Hp, requiring that they be healed before they can be used again.

Win a battle gym against a Pokemon 150 XP
Win a battle gymnasium against two Pokemon 250 XP
Winning a fight gym against three Pokemon 350 XP
Win a battle gymnasium against four Pokemon 450 XP
winning a battle gymnasium against Five Pokemon 550 XP
win a gym battle against Six Pokemon 650 XP
win a battle gymnasium against Seven Pokemon 750 XP
Win a gym battle against Eight Pokemon 850 XP
Win a battle gymnasium against Nine Pokemon 950 XP
Win a battle gymnasium against Ten Pokemon 1050 XP

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